Ok. Why I Love Custard.... Hmmm

Ok. I have to write a story for this exp'. hmm..

Custard. Would the world turn without custard?

Custard is so simple and amazing, it must be the legedary

Ambrosia.                  :D *lol*

Add nutmeg. Add mixed spice. Add broken stortcake biscuits. Add dark chocolate digestives.

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teehee. I sound like an alcoholic from thay convo', don't I? I'm not, honest. I probably could be if I put my mind to it.

mmmmmmmmmm =D

Nanna sounds cool!!<BR>Yeah, make Folly all summer using vine prunings and bramble tips! Awesome stuff. Also blanche bramble tips in boiling water for a minute, or steam, to make a nice hedge-veg.

lol :)<br />
Iv never heard of making wine from the tips, thats quite cool.<br />
Nanna's wine and homemade sausage rolls are somewhat legendary in our family. She loves to tell people all about her brewing and pours everyone who visits a glass - if they want one or not! Shes a treasure.

Not as bad as here I bet. I never buy, but do drink occasionally. Blackberry/ bramble wine is great as a cheap red. Tell nanna I like bramble tips wine. I eat 'em too. ..there is a wine made from the pruned tips of the grape vines too, we call it Folly, it's similar. Though it would only be a folly if you cut too much off to make the cuttings-wine and not leave any tips to grow. :D

NO! LOL We make a lot of wine in NZ commercially and plenty of people - including my Nanna who makes a mean blackberry nip, make it at home. Its only illegal to sell it without a license. Not so flattering but we are a nation of drinkers - big booze culture actually!

You would not make kiwi vinegar, although that may not be ALL bad. It's just not as nice as wine!<BR><BR>Previous comment was a little longer when i posted it...<BR>hmm...<BR>It's not illegal to make wine at home in NZ is it?? For consuming at home.

Hmm or I would forget it for years and years and end up with kiwi vinegar! Though that might not be that bad.....<br />
<br />
I dont know....what previous comment?

True. You can make it very fast from a grape juice concentrate, but the real 'country' wine recipes do take several months at least. It's not like you have to watch it tho, you just forget about it.<BR><BR>Did someone censor my previous comment?? Is it coz it's illegal to home-brew wines in certain countries??

Now that sounds like work though - you have to wait too long with wine - I dont think I have the patience :P

Homebrewed Kiwi Wine??

Hehehe Im special :) <br />
No, I havent but I did see you had a recipe somewhere.... My Mums husband actually owns a kiwi orchard - well at the moment anyway, things might change in the next few months - but it does sound like a good way to use them when we get more than we can eat :)

Wow, that's weeeeird! Have you made kiwi jam yet?

I like cold custard with kiwifruit for breakfast - naughty huh? Dont tell anyone ;)

Custard is an amazing thing.