Le Creme Anglaise

Does anyone know how to make a proper french style set custard?? The kind you put the crispy sugar layer on the top of... think it's also called a Creme Brulee.

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6 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Now that I'm reading my previous comment...I really sound nuts!

I'll def' chek th link...<br />

But it gives me a chance to use a torch, and that sounds like fun...hahaha

I've never tried making it, but I absolutely love eating it! I found a recipe here: http://www.cookinfrance.com/Classic%20French%20recipe.htm<br />
Maybe I will try to make it sometime.

you can do it inder a gas grill. Just lift up the grill-pan until your ramakins are just into the flame.

That is my favorite dessert. I was just talking about it today, tell her that I wanted to get a brulee torch so I can make it. Yummy!