Cycling Is A Way Of Life For Me.

I don't own a car - I never managed to pass my driving test- so a bike is my main form of transport. I'm in my forties now but when I was younger I was cycling at semi-pro standard. I have two road bikes and a mountain bike and I currently cycle about 100km a week, but more than that if I have time off work. My road bikes are modified for speed so I fitted them with deep rimmed wheels, ultra thin tyres and aerobars. I like to use a big gear and cycle at a high tempo on my road bikes but my mountain bike is more for fun. With that I like to cycle at a more measured pace and enjoy the scenery. I live in central Scotland within easy reach of the Highlands so I see some great scenery but mostly I cycle in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Andymcj Andymcj
Jul 21, 2010