That Time Of Year Again

Well it's that time of year again. This morning I finally rode in just shorts and a jersey, darn it's been a cold spring. Time for some goals this year. 5000 miles, 10 centuries, back to back to back century days, and a double century. Maybe I need to bump up my number of centuries because I count five in just 4 days. Why do I set goals, because without them it's to easy to slack off and stay home. This past winter I thought I needed a break. For 2 years I had been working out 6 days a week, So I did and got lazy for 3 months. Well it was another crappy winter up here so it was kinda easy. Well guess what, I gained 15 to 20 pounds and that sucks. Well back on the bike and back to 6 days a week and down 5 lbs aready. I will try to update as I go through the year.

Update 6/8/11
Well it's not been a good year for cycling so far, but I am getting out there as much as I can 1700 miles so far.  I am about 500 miles down from last year, but I think I had a crazy lot of miles last year.  I feel stong and I am getting back into pretty good shape.  The wind has been strong lately and riding into the wind is no fun.  I have only got 1 century in, but also have days of 90, 85, and 84 miles.  Double century day is only a month away, that should be interesting.  Let you know how it goes.

Update 7/4/2011
Well I am offically in shape for cycling.  Recovery time on sprints is minimal.   I did a 50 mile ride in less then 2.5 hours, so a 20 mph average.  This weekend I just finished a 200 mile ride.  That was 15 hours with the bike and 11.5 hours in the saddle for a 17.4 mph average.  And yes I am tried, but that night I was able to drive home and get dinner on the way.   We left just after sun up and got home about dark and do you want to hear the amazing thing one of the guys I did it with had just turned 65.  He is an amazing guy.   There are a few things left for me to do, but that was a big check off my list.  Next Back to Back to Back century days.  Not sure if this year will be it, but we will see.   2365 miles for the year so about half way to my goal and down to about 10 lbs of my low weight last year.

Update 8/29/2011
Well I am at over 4100 miles for the year and in the best shape of the years, but sadly the sun is make it's trip south and the days are getting shorter.  Pretty soon it will be the transition to winter time activities and this year I am not going to be as lazy. Lets home for a mild winter so I can keep riding.
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4 Responses Apr 10, 2011

Keep on, after my last year disappointing 4000 Miles, I planed to this year again over 9000 Miles, like the previous years; but sadly I had an accident in a race, so I got crippled for a month, and just today started my rehabilitation ride. Its so good to be again in the big, but the light spinning in the baby gears... It was somehow, well, unfamiliar. So I be happy for this year if I go over 3k or 4k Miles. Will see....

Same way when you walk to the top of that mountain. There is no one that wants to pack in to carry you out so you better darn well be in shape enough to get back out by yourself, and heck half the time the cell phone doesn't work anyway.

Well rides can be fun without a huge push or they can be what I call training rides and it's all about the push. There is something about being out on an open road alone, 40 mile from home, no one to call for a ride and knowing the only way to get back is with your legs and your bike.

Keep going my friend. I didn't realize how much you had taught me about cycling until I have been chatting with other cyclists. You schooled me my friend. Remember it isn't about the ride as much as it is about you and pushing yourself each time you go out. **hugs**