Just Call Me Diesel

For a cyclist I am a big guy, over 200 lb and if I really realy wanted to get serious I would drop a few pounds, but I love to eat and sometimes have a beer or two after a ride.  I have a friend that calls me "Diesel", I don't get off the line fast, have to work my butt off going up hills, and the wind is not my friend, but get me going on the flats, down wind or down hill, well old Diesel comes out to play.  Find me a bigger ring, because I am going to be there pushing hard, picking up speed and starting to move out and those little guys love to tuck in behind my on a pace line because I create a big hole.  Oh, and we have a few of us too, we call one of the other guy, "Clyde".  As in the big old plow horse.  
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3 Responses Mar 26, 2012

I like your nickname. Like a big pickup truck, do the smaller guys get out of your way when they see you coming?

No, we just pass them like a run away truck. Then the tiny bastards tuck in behind us and jump on out draft.

Kinda like Prius do with my truck ;)

I know the feeling... On straights, I can start winding up like a big flywheel then just keep hammering those pedals. Hate the hills, but know that it's good for me. <br />
<br />
Considering getting back into criterium racing again, but I'm even a worse sprinter. But still fun to be in the pack or strung out in a fast pace line.

I thought it was a motorcycle? Diesel please confirm

Bicycle, human powered.