Pedal, Pedal, Pedal!

My mom and dad have a bicycle store and they're racers too. When I was little I was in the store a lot, and now I help them sometimes. I'm not a racer but we go cycling together a lot and it's fun and I can do it by myself sometimes.

I think cycling is fun but it's important too cuz there's like so many cars and they're bad for the planet. Cycling is fun, clean and is good for exercise! Cycling is good for school too cuz peeps that walk or cycle and don't drive get smarter. And the clothes look awesum and feel really cool too!
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I love to ride my mountain bike. I bike0 from work. My friends think I'm nuts, but, I love it. Are your Parents Road Racers?

I bike 60 miles a day, riding to & from work. I ride mountain bikes mostly, but, I do have a road bike to train with when the trails are still nasty. I want to go to Sonoma County California & ride the Century there.

yep :)

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You don't have to race to enjoy cycling. I race but my best rides are when I'm not training and just take my sweet time. You see a lot more too.

would love to chat, send me a message please.

Hi Hannah! My daughter is 12 and she loves to cycle too. We live in Maryland and love to ride the NCR trails, which are old railroad lines that are not used anymore, so they built beautiful bike and hike trails along them. They have gradual inclines, so they're great for long bike rides. Emma has ridden as far as 24 miles in a day, which is great exercise and fun! There are nice places to stop for lunch and treats...cycling is great! I enjoyed reading about you.

do you wear lycra cycling shorts?

yeah when we race.

I like to cycle too. Great way to mentally escape the world... I love riding along the shore or in national parks. Right now I'm recovering with a broken arm and can't wait til it is strong enough to begin riding again.

Great exercise too.