I Love Cycling Again....

Some of my best memories from my youth are the freedom of riding my bike around town. I could go anywhere I wanted as long as I was willing to pedal. Now at 46 I am cycling again, picked it back up about 6 months ago. I love the feeling on a sunny day of getting from point a to point b under my own pedal power. I have a very long commute (60 miles each way) to work each day, but dream of the day I can work closer to home and pedal to work each day. I have met a lot of great cycling enthusiasts on the road and have participated in a coupe of 60 mile bike rides this past summer. I plan to ride the rest of my life.
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I would have to agree, some of my best friends are from cycling. I have over 5300 miles on my bike this year. Its fun to do and good for you, what more could you ask for.