Cycling Is Freedom

Freedom from worry. Freedom from fat. Freedom from depression. Freedom from boredom. Freedom from sloth. Freedom from the world.

There's something about cycling that is truly amazing. There's something about being able to get on your bike and ride 50, 80, 100 km and more under your own steam. It's just you and the bike and you know that as long as you can keep it up, you'll be able to go as far as you want.

For me it's a solo effort too, which makes it meditation time. I pick some tunes on my iPod and hit the road and for a few hours it's just me and my thoughts and the constant whir of the gears beneath my feet. No one can call me on the phone, no one can interupt me. I'm able to organize my brain during those hours and clear my head.

And cycling like all exercise releases endorphines, nature's natural anti-depressants. You can actually feel the euphoria rising when your blood starts pumping. People with depression should really exercise regularly. It promotes healthy sleep too.

And of course, there are the health benefits. Fat literally falls off when you cycle regularly. After a few months of even low-intensity cycling you'll be lean and fit, with powerful legs thrown into the deal.

It's also a low-impact execise, which means it doesn't hammer your knees and joints like running or squash or tennis.

Cycling rules! Join the movement today!

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The more I cycle the more it becomes my prime excercize .. yes the benefits are better than running … I have a tender back and yet I'm able to ride a bike with less pain ..
I have a mountain and road bike. My latest road bike is a Specialized which was fitted for me. Costs me a few dollars, but once I got it fine tuned to my body, it's really great … I'm trying out seats now ..
I've also been tinkering with my air pressure to get the best road grip and rolling resistance. But I agree that being out the fresh rolling a good road, well, there's nothing like it …

Love it

Great words! Just finished a 13 mile ride. Reached a max speed of 40mph. Cycling is a godsend to me. I love the release it provides and the freedom cycling gives to the soul.

With the time change and longer days, I'm loving it again. Trying to commute to work (15 miles one way) to cut down on gas bill, and to get my dose of bike time. My route to work is along mostly farm roads, so at 6am not much traffic. in the winter, there's no streetlights so bike lights are a must and should be anywhere. Working up to a century this May.

I agree totally about collecting your thoughts out on the road. I have joined a bike club in the area so now some days I ride alone and somedays I ride with a group. I am lucky there is a large trail system in my area and can ride those, but also about 5 miles west of me I can get out into the corn fields and ride the country roads. <br />
<br />
I rode a ton when I was younger and I have just started back up again after way to many years off. I have set a few goals and want to do a century ride soon, if not this year definately next year.

Hehe. You had a lucky escape. When I was 16 I jumped a stop street and got T-boned by a Daihatsu Chiraz. I was thrown in front of the car and slid along the ground on my ***, but luckily I wasn't injured seriously (apart from most of the skin being removed from my butt). <br />
<br />
I don't need to tell you that once was enough and I'm now VERY careful when riding. hehe.

LOVE THE POST!!! and agree with velo, I always ride with one earphone in, You can still ride with the tunes but keep an ear out for any nuts and be alert... I also keep my cell, but I'm one of those "worry-ers" about everyone else so it stays on and loud (without vibrate of course, it scares me when it does it while riding), If I am at a good pit stop on the road where it looks pretty clear for a minute I'll stop and check to make sure no emergencies have happened. However, since I live in a college town where a HUGE part of the community are riding freaks I never go alone on back roads... Too dangerous in these parts here these past few years, But in town thats another story, everything is nuts, there are NOT enough bike paths on the road almost forcing many to ride on the sidewalks if they don't know how to manuver through traffic, or just feel safer there. One day I was signally a turn right, and right before I was to begin my turn this idiot coming towards me , jumped out to turn left with NO turn signal, let alone watching for any oncoming traffic, (How can you miss neon yellow and reflective material with light bouncing off you constantly I will never know..) But they turned into my path so quick I had to slam on my breaks (mind you I am on a bike meant for a cinder track not a road bike meaning its been beat up a few times and well sucks in situations such as this) Also to make things harder on me it happened to have had a sudden "shower" then a sudden stop and clearing up, so the roads were still wet... My bike was HORRIBLE with wet roads like most of its kind... so I slammed on my breaks twisted with the back wheel since it took a twist out from under me all while somehow keeping myself balanced to keep myself from falling and sliding under the car... I didn't think I was going to stop in time to not hit the side of the car, but luckily we both came to a stop, apparently the passenger window was down and the passenger punched his driver to stop. I stood there pissed off and in shock, the passenger just looked at me with his eyes bulging out of his head fist on the drivers shoulder and the driver sped off... Luckily I was only mere feet away from being home, but that is something I will never forget...

Yeah I know. The iPod shuts out the ambient noise so you can't hear the idiot drivers coming. It's something I'm conscious of and I try to remain hyper-alert when I'm riding. <br />
<br />
Also I try to limit the risk by riding quiet routes and riding at off-peak times. On the cycling forums I visit there are stories every month about roadies getting killed, which bothers me. <br />
<br />
But I don't think I would enjoy riding as much without the iPod so it's a risk I take. <br />
<br />
I also carry a cell phone and money when I ride. I leave it on, but set it to silent. Imagine your bike breaks 50km from home and you can't call for help!!! haha!

Be careful about the iPod can get you in trouble on the road. I like using mine while riding off-road, but I prefer to keep my ears open while riding on the road - too many people driving with cell phones glued to their ears these days. And while I carry my cell phone with me for emergencies when I ride, it's always turned off. :-)<br />
<br />
Great post...thanks for sharing!

Glad you liked it. :)

Best description of cycling I've ever read! Nice post!