Well, Honestly, Some Days I Don't

Actually, I did good on my bike run today. I'd say I performed at 80%.

I had had a few days of going out on my run feeling unusually drained. Possibly coming down with something.

Recovering, regaining energy.

I'm particular what time I head out for my run (at the crack of dawn). Today I was running a little late. Experiencing some technical difficulties with the pump, took me a while to troubleshoot.

When I woke this morning, for a moment I thought, *moans* "I don't think I'm going out today." I awoke somewhat hangover from attending Patricia's cousin's graduation and thereafter festivities yesterday.

But thankfully, I motivated myself to gear up and go out. And surprisingly had the better bike run in a few days.

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1 Response Jun 5, 2013

Don't forget to give your self some time to recover. If you ride hard every day the legs don't have a chance to recover and build muscle. A day off can actually be a good thing in the long run.

Yes, I think I should. I usually motivate myself to go out no matter what, everyday, even weekends 'cause I do really enjoy cycling. I vent through my workouts.
I had been feeling out of sorts, but usually I do an afternoon bike run as well. I don't want to burn out, so makes sense to, as you said, give myself time to recover.

Yes when your legs feel dead and you have no power it's time for a day of rest. You can work on your core or arms that day, just give them legs a break.

Actually, true I've been neglecting that. Core and arms could use some toning. Going to schedule days to work on that.