I've Been Cycling All My Life

For me, cycling is not (only) a sport. In Northern Europe, bicycle is a regular transportation. My first bicycle was of course a three-wheel, but when I started to go to school, I got my first "real" bicycle and my friends and me all went to school, riding our bicycles (I grew up in countryside and school was just about a mile from my home). And if you live in Antwerp, Hamburg or Gothenburg, you really do not need a car. The city-milieu is very cycling-friendly. And it is of course healthy too...

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Yes we have a long way to go to catch up to the European countries. I am luck I live in a fairly bike friendly area and also a member of a bike club. When gas was up over $4.00 a gallon last summer I did start to notice a lot more cyclist out and about, just wonder if it's going to hold on with gas at half the price.

Loop, there are some, but they are not consistent in markings or detail, nor does every county have them. Having lived in 8 different states, and been a member of at least one bike club in each, I can say this with certainty. In the last 5 years, the attitude towards cyclists has improved greatly in the US, but there is a long way to go yet to reach the level of acceptance that cycling has in Europe.

Most counties in the US will have the some kind of maps of bike friendly roads. Also check out bikeleague.org for local links that might help you find bike friendly routes in the USA.

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What I loved most about Europe were the bicycle-specific road maps - you know, the one that showed not only the bike paths, but also color-coded the roads by traffic density, and also showed where the steep grades were. There's nothing like that here in the US, although you can find some road maps for cyclists.

That is cool, it must be nice. I have a mountain bike. It is not that great for long trips. I got this because ther roads have so many pot holes I thought I might brake a regular bike. I have a Raleigh. I forgot the model name or number. I enjoy it when I can get out on it.

In Europe it is. You may take a bicycle-ride from Hamburg to Munich only using the bicycle-tracks... Or go through the Sweden by a bike... It is safe

I hope to ride my bike again once the weather gets warm. The roads around me are not bike friendly at all. I limited to riding when traffic is at a min. I just do it for fun. Its not a practical form of transporation.