Regular Cyclist

I'm a regular cyclist, who uses the bike mostly as a form of transportation, rather thn recreation.  Unlike most Australians, I ditched the car a while back to save some money, as I wasn't using it that much anyway.  Fortunately, Melbourne has been slowly becoming aware of the number of cyclists in the city, and a network of bike paths and lanes has steadily developed, which make riding a pleasure.  Because of the distances to some destinations, I often combine cycling with the train.

Cycling's one of the most enjoyable forms of transport on the planet, and it's green too! :)

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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

When I worked in the city, I used to enjoy cycling in. I used to ride pretty hard, and by the time I got into the office, I found myself in a much better fr<x>ame of mind than if I just caught the train. It's a much better way of commuting. :)