Cycling, All the Cool Kids Are Doing It!

I started getting into cycling in high school because I wanted to be fit. I found out I loved it so much and I began to push myself to see how long I could go without stopping- my highest record is 6 hours on a moderate bike trail. That was last summer, I'm hoping that I can work myself up to that level again. I'm way out of shape from staying inside all winter but I'm working on getting an inside bike to help with training.

If I get a job in the city after I graduate I'm sure I'll use it as a major form of transportation. By the way, the logo for this group looks lame.

Konrad Konrad
22-25, M
6 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I agree - the logo is lame! Maybe someone could suggest another? I don't have any good cycling photos or I'd do it myself...

Oh God- I want to change the logo SO BAD! I want to report it, ha ha ha!

Biking is awesome :) I find it kind of peaceful. 6 hours? Nice! :D<br />
And yeah... the picture is super lame sauce...

haha,I agree with your last thoughts!:P

I once did a 100km ride, took me a bit more then 4 hrs. I got sick of public transport and ride my bike every day.

I have been inside all winter too with just a few rides here and there. I am hoping for a break soon. I am not so worried about time as distance. I have 140+ miles this year already. I love cycling, you get in shape and get to see a bit of the world. <br />
<br />
Major lame picture.