Adore Spring Cycling!

Really, few things beat riding past the lake and speeding down hill in the coutry side before it gets humid and packed with tourists and campers!

I really love the quiet feel and the breeze that reminds you what its like to be alive.. cheesy I know but its inspiring to me!

hae hae
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21 Responses Mar 10, 2010

hahahahahah the last lines got me!!! gotta llve the tour!!!! I adore nice bikes I do.. they are dreams on the road (when made for it haha) but I have ridden 30+ miles on a one speed meant for cinders. You can't beat the feeling of success after that haha!!!! So I hear you on all 3 things! and I love the big rides like that because you truly see amazing people there!

haha I know :P

Naw i am just kidding you.

ehh... you just think I need it

That is why i say you can be my new chair if i win, because sometimes you get excited and need to be calmed down!


Already have! duct tape now!

lol if its still happenin you might want to change up your game plan

No wai... just teaching her a lesson!

well are you threatened by that?

yeah.. she keeps trying to kick my butt.

ahh... I see...

I been sitting on navy because she wont settle down...

hahahah what?

We are just going to have to race one day. If i win though you get to be my new chair!

true.. no way tellin.

Mine too but never out of breath. It is if my legs get tired or not, and since they are so strong i think they could out last you. I don't know though it is just a guess.

same... except my heart does get to beating haha

It doesn't get my heart beating so i can go all day on the bike.

depends on the length... :P i'm an endurance athlete. :D

i bet i could beat you in a race!