My love for dachshunds started the first time I met Scooter

    I first meet this cool looking cute little fella about 15yrs ago. When I saw him I thought he was the coolest cutest doggy ever. We were visiting my husbands daughter when I got to meet Scooter. He kept getting into the car with us and I wanted to take him home so bad. Then we got a phone call about 2mos later asking if we could take Scooter because they had since moved and didnt have a safe yard for him to play in. So of course we got him as soon as we could. Then my husband and I started to argue over who got to take him into town. Scooter loved car rides. So we ended up buying another doxi for me, a female, and named her Suzie. She was a precious little girl who grew up to be a mama two times. I have two of her babies from her second litter. One I kept and my daughter names him Wally and the other is Bruno who was given to a dear friend when Bruno was a baby. He was given back to me when our friend passed away. Now Wally is soon to be a daddy. His wife name is Tootsie Pop and I got her looking for my missing doxi Lilly. Little Lilly went missing Thanksgiving day 09. I think about her every single day hoping she will be returned to me. Someone saw my ad about Lilly on the internet and called saying that the doxi they found might be Lilly. Turned out not to be my Lilly but I took the precious Tootsie Poppy seed home with me. Now she is preg with 5 little ones and having them soon today
lillyluv15 lillyluv15
41-45, F
Jul 12, 2010