I Love Daffodils!! :-)

I too, love the Daffodil, it is of course, the national emblem of the country in which i live Wales, :-)

And March 1st we are all set to celebrate the ''Patron St of Wales'' St David :-) where by we all wear the daffodil,. :-)

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7 Responses Feb 22, 2010

You know when it's Spring, gryfnn, as you say when they start appearing in the garden, oh! what a wonderful sight hey!! :-) <br />
Thank you for commenting hon! :-) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxo

Kindal, i think they make for a beautiful centre peice for a table! oh! my goodness yes! how pretty :-) thank you for commenting also! :-) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

2Emotional, me too! i think they are a pretty and cheerful looking flower, :-) thank you too! for your comment! :-) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Thank you giggles4488, that's what i'm looking forward to,too! Spring! thank you! and thank you for commenting! :-) xoxoxoxoxoxo

I have the daffy dillys sprnkled all around my garden---they are one of my very favorite flowers ...we've been having some fair weather here these last few days ---so nice to think than Spring will be coming soon..........

Ahhh, when I see the daffodils peeking out from my garden, I know Spring has sprung! I love them, too. Have a wonderful celebration my friend!!

Ahhhh!!! bless you too! i think the colour yellow, makes for ''cheery, happy and bright'' it makes you feel good i find, :-) thank you Lena for your comment, honey!!!!! :-) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo