Chocolate Dipped Cone

I used to love going to the Dairy Queen in the next town for a chocolate dipped vanilla cone.  We didn't have one in my town so the year I got my license I drove into the next town every weekend for my fix.

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MMMM me too. Stop by and pick me up on the way.

MMMM too bad I missed it Chris.<br />
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URBRAND, Sorry I missed your comment earlier bc I was on my cell phone. We will have to go out for a couple of cones some day.

Did someone say Peanut Buster Parfait?<br />
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I had one yesterday.... :-)

MMMM Al what would you do for two peanut butter parfaits?

OMG, I bet that was delicious. They used to have a strawberry dip too at one of the competition's chains and it was good, but not like the DQ. My dad took me to DQ last week because he remembered how much I loved it.

wow- when I was a kid they used to have butterscotch dipped cones-the best!

Oh oh oh, chocolate dipped cones are my absolute favorite dairy queen treat! This is the first time I've ever seen anyone else agree with me.

We don't have one in our town either but the butterscotch dip cone is the BEST!!!! :p


I am so proud of loop. He goes to the gym and everything. he is a biking fool. I am VERRRRRRRRRRRRY proud of my friend! he is working out and eating healthy and he looks better and better each day.

loop..I know exactly what you mean!! I know when it is summer and I am biking hard there is little I can't eat. I figure I cooked off 5-6,000 calories alone just during that century bike ride.<br />
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FG...half?? You are kidding...right?? If I get weak and go get a special treat..I would do what loop it ALL and then work it all off.<br />
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Loop - How are you doing now that it is winter? Yesterday I jumped on the tradmill for a 1/2 hour, then the bike for another 1/2 hour then back on the treadmill for another 1/2 hour watching the football game. And I had quite a big dinner after that!!!

Ahhhh I wish you did too sweetie. I am sorry.<br />
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I think we all need a road trip to dairy queen.

i love their soft ice cream, all flavors.

ohhhh NS.... you were a little ball pla<x>yer. Let me see the pics.<br />
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mmm Marji yes they are soooooo good.

ty baby there are other ways to work them off.

BTW....sure....I'll take you to DQ... ;-)

I need to do what loopn does. I usually get a PBF, then drive to my office and sit at my desk....LOL

lol Chris. Are you going to take me to DQ soon?<br />
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MMM but if you only ate half you could avoid working out half as much lol. i am so joking bc you have to exercise.

Oreo blizzards are my downfall. One night last summer I road my bike for 2 hours hard so I wouldn't feel guilty having one. That's the one joy of burning a 1000 calories an hour, guilt free eating at the end.

My favorite is the peanut buster parfait. I can't pass a DQ without stopping and getting one.

oh my my! LOL<br />
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SW, just turn the heat on high and go for it. You know you want one.

I used to love when I was a little girl and riding in the car with my parents and sisters and there was a Dairy Queen my father would stop at and buy us cones and I always got vanilla code dipped sometimes in chocolate and sometimes in butterscotch. Oooooh, have not had one of them in years and the weather this week is not exactly conducive to driving out to get ice cream.

The chocolate dip cone is my husband's fav. That and your boob avatar.

MMM I have never had anything other than the cone as I am obsessed with it. It has been since July that I had my last one. Before that it had been 4 yrs. I just took two bites and I still ended up very sick afterward. I am not sure if it was the milk, sugar or the carbs but man I was sick. next time I will only take one bite lol.