A Catfight With Brains Can Be So Compelling...

The perverse appeal of the catfight, from the spectator's perspective, lies in watching two women reduced to their basest, least restrained selves.  It is something that has been a spectacle in movies and shows and stage dramas and music and, well, any college bar on any given Friday or Saturday for as long as anyone of us can remember, I am sure.  Usually these things boil down to battles over men... just to keep them overly simplistic as is so often the case in staged entertainment -- tv, movies, music, etc.

But along comes Damages.  For those who watch it, you know exactly what I mean.  For those who don't... well, what did mama tomato say to the baby tomato... CATCH UP! ;)

It's this overly simplistic depiction of females as unable to confront each other without jumping into the nearest swimming pool and ripping each other's blouses off that makes the growing love/hate chess match between Ellen and Patty on FX's "Damages" so compelling... at least to me and every single other person I have ever met who watches the show.  To watch Damages is to love it.  To be addicted.  I have never met a single person who has watched and hasn't gotten hooked.

Having indoctrinated Ellen into the cutthroat world of high-priced lawyers by baptizing her in her fiancé's blood, Patty still refuses to acknowledge any animosity between the two of them. Instead, she gives Ellen expensive gifts, sends Ellen's "replacement," Alex , to Ellen for advice, or calls Ellen at 4 a.m. to invite her over for dinner, purposefully telling her the wrong night so that she'll show up and find Alex and Patty working closely together over a bottle of red wine.  This is a catfight played like chess... but a chess game that is played with eloquence like no other.

I stop here.  I don't want to reveal too much.  But this is an addication well worth sharing...

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For some reason when I'm watching I put my hands in front of my face for fear of a bullet piercing a person's skull even though I know that isn't the case with the show,but I just couldn't help myself. I love Patty Hewes bad as* character although I could never be her friend becuz she is just scary. I love the acting of all the actors. The show was very captivating even when Ellen annoyed me. She kept believing she could beat Patty at her game(silly girl). I actually wanted Ellen dead. Why becuz she just kept kissing Patty's as*- if you hate the bitc* then don't hang with her,work with her. I wanted Ellen to be good but she was showing some evil to her. I did not hate Patty for her Evil self becuz from the beginning we see her as this person. Anyway I loved the ending for Patty. A bada*s like her deserve to live on( not that I like her bad activities)

It's intelligent. That alone makes it unique by most shows current standards.

The schedule of the show is convenient for me to watch but I dunno, I can never stay tuned to it.

I watched the first few episodes of Damaged (which were excellent), and then I lost track of time and channel information. I guess I will have to search Hulu and "catch-up" on my time. Cat fights aren't really my thing, but a well executed chess game sounds intriguing. I love Glenn Close.

*facepalm* Catch-up??? Really Jake.. ? lol and I didn't think of it first?

Nah, If I want to see women fight each other I'll watch women's kick boxing or MMA. I feel that women deserve the same respect as fighters as any one else. Not sure I'm down with the image of women as bimbos and conniving buffoons that this show seems to want to portray them as.

all the cat fight needed was jello and a little blow up pool <br />
thanks for sharring good one