Music Is Music

I don't do fast dance moves like freestyles, clubbing, etc. I love to listen to clean dance music though.

My favorite dance genres to listen to are:
Dub Step

My top favorite deejays are:
DJ Tiesto
DJ Kimbo
DJ Dark Intensity
Jorge Duran
Hex Hector
Soul Solution
4 Strings

Other deejays that have mixes I love are:
Benassi Brothers
Ferry Corsten
Cole Plante

I am a Christian. A lot of Christians out there turn their noses up at these genres when in fact there's nothing wrong with them. But when some of these mixes get performed in the Christian sector, no changes to the music, oh no, it's definitely okay for them then. To me, that is disturbing. Either it is okay or it is not okay, but don't discriminate.

Dance music is and has been medicine for me. It helps me when I have stress ailments that cripple me or knock me unconscious. Regular medicine doesn't work. So for me, dance music is welcome.

My favorite deejay DJ Tiesto actually did remixes for some of my favorite Christian singers who are Gospel singers. My second favorite deejay DJ Kimbo who also is from another country did upon request by me remixes to two of my favorite Christian singers and he did an awesome job, even without my biased opinion.

A lot of kids like to dance. It is in them. It doesn't have to be raunchy. It's just a way to move. And it is healthy because it burns off calories. It could also keep the kids off the streets, if they are at their house with their friends or their friend's house or kid-friendly clubs.

I found out when my sister got married to her now-ex, that I know how to slow dance. All their male friends from the mainland USA wanted to dance with me and I was nicknamed Belle Of The Ball. I was not taught how to dance. Someone asked me to dance. I walked to the stage with him. It just seemed natural and effortless when I was slow-dancing, being spun, being dipped, etc.

My favorite songs that make me feel like slow-dancing are Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, When You Look Me In The Eyes by the Jonas Brothers, Stand By Your Side by Celine Dion and Somewhere, Somehow by Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Dec 10, 2012