Because the Freaks Come Out At Night

....just kidding =P


But I do like dancing at night.  It makes me think of the late night practices when we were in the student center or in one of the dance studios practicing until around midnight, and hoping that the ice cream place was still open by the time we were all done with practice.  Either that, or that the pizza place that closes at random times was still open.  Haven't done that in a while though.  And when do you go dancing at clubs?  At night.  That's fun too. 

And I tend to just break out dancing at night when I'm in a good mood, more than I do during the daytime. 

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hehe yeah it is :P

i love to dance anytime but nighttime is really great!

*grooves with TUM*<br />
<br />
I am liking that music a lot :)

-grooves with yeaohyea-<br />
<br />