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The Begining of Something Beautiful

The day i met my husband- im sure at least for a while he thought i was a crazy lady.  It was they day after my uncles funeral and i was staying at a friend's house to recoup... we were drinking a little bit and talking and laughing and she invited him to come over....

When it started to rain my friend went inside and i stayed outside- I tried spinning in circles in the grass, but there were too many stickers as i was barefoot- so i just went out to the middle of the street (not much traffic) and started spinning in circles and laughing....

he stayed outside with me in the rain, and laughed with me and danced with me (a little, i never really expect boys to dance anyways)....

that night has always felt magical to me- i knew in that moment that we were meant to be together...for how long i didnt know.... but i still say _i'm_ the lucky one.

being in the rain always makes me feel free- it feels like everything that came before, everything thats stressful or hurtful washes off you like the water... and at least for a minute you get to start over.
Shierke Shierke 26-30, F 3 Responses Nov 30, 2007

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im just not the dancing kind ;-)

well- its different in the rain...

That's so romantic- and I don't usually say that.