Nature's Rhythm

It was a warm day in August. There were people gathered in the park playing Frisbee, having picnics, reading, or simply walking along. That's what she was doing.

The girl with long eyelashes, a natural tan and hair past her shoulders that blew in the light breeze. She walked along the park with her eyes studying the ground ahead of her steps, every so often looking up at the trees overhead, and the clouds that were quickly rolling in. She looked concerned. As if she was in her own world, and her world contained things others couldn't even imagine. She looked as if she were digging through her own mind to find the secrets of life, questioning everything that people probably should, but never do. She didn't look at the joggers who ran by her. She didn't even seem to notice the teenagers laughing loudly by the water. She just stared on looking more lost with each step.

A dog ran up to her, wagging his tail and panting, looking for her to play with him. She smiled then, her face relaxing, and held out her hand. The dog licked the backs of her fingers and turned to look at his owner who now called for him back. The dog turned and ran to it's family and the girl's smile twitched a little at the corner of her mouth as she watched the owner put a leash on his beloved pet.

She stopped walking then. Being in the center of the park she looked all around, taking in her surroundings and the people who gathered in the same place despite their differences. The loud teenagers, the wholesome families, the middle aged women who jogged regularly, the obvious new couples who never seemed to let go of each other's hand, and the older couples to sat on benches in a comfortable silence. The girl looked up toward the sky, her face radiating patience.

Then came the rain.

It came down fast, in big droplets, and everyone started scrambling. They tried gathering up their picnic blankets, and gathering up their kids. The teenagers covered their hairstyles and the older people started grumbling. The girl however, stood there looking toward the sky, her eyes closed. She raised her arms out from her sides, taking in the freshness that the rain allowed, ignoring the yelps of people surrounding her. She started to twirl.

Slowly at first..the girl moved in graceful circles, every so often changing directions. Her eyes closed and arms swinging around her, her hair becoming wavy due to the wetness, she started to dance. A dance to the music of the down pouring rain that hit the ground making it's own beat and the girl swayed to nature's rhythm letting the rain wash away the weight of the world that she carried within her mind.

At first the people who ran by her gave her quizzical looks, some of the older people mumbled something about "hippies" and the middle aged women were too concerned about their freshly done makeup to say anything to her.

It was a child that ran up to her then. Mimicking her movements in his own childish way, he started to dance with her. A loving babysitter ran up to get him, laughing as he grabbed her hand asking her to join. Hesitating at first, she humored the child and started to spin him around, his laughter contagious to people passing by. A teenager then took down his hood letting the rain flatten his once upright Mohawk and he shook his head letting the rain hit his face sending beads of water in every direction. A girl that was with him joined in, more likely because she had been admiring him, but nevertheless she threw her head back and tried to catch the raindrops on her tongue. He nudged her with his elbow then, and they both ran to the girl, their friends following close behind. Now a dance of one, had turned to ten. And suddenly, anyone at the park who embraced the rain instead of fighting against it started to run toward the gathering, dancing to the only beat that the rain provided. They danced and swayed, and threw their arms up toward the sky. Their clothes getting wet and their laughter exploding with each pleasant movement of their hands, hips and legs.

And then, as quickly as it had started, the rain faded away and abruptly stopped. In no time, the sun burst through the clouds it's warmth hard to ignore. Everyone stopped dancing then, their breathing heavy from the dancing as they smiled at their friends or family members.The rain had allowed anyone that gathered to dance to break away from their chaotic life if only momentarily. A moment that had passed rather too quickly. And just like that, the crowd started to disperse, despite their wet clothes and hair, they started home. Back to their own routines, back to their own lives. Everyone left but the girl.

She stood still for a few minutes her face toward the sky. Her expression was soft and serene as though she were having the most pleasant dream. And perhaps she was. She opened her eyes then and looked at the empty park now glistening as the sun lit up each water droplet on the grass. She inhaled deeply taking in the scent of the Earth and let out a peaceful sigh as she dropped her shoulders and smiled. She started walking again, this time with no hint of sadness or concern as the rain cleared her mind. It washed away the heaviness of her mind as she couldn't quite do it herself. It had finally made her free.

And I should know...

That girl was me.
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6 Responses Jun 20, 2010

Awww...thanks so much! I've gotten out of writing for a little while. Just need to get my groove back ;)

I love your use of this third-person autobiographical style. Refined yet humble :)

Cool story. It's great to read a story that has true appreciation for life woven into it. Loved your story about the tree as well! :)

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

Aww...thank you! It rained today, so it allowed for some inspiration :)

Beautiful! /Applauds