Rained On Not Rained Out

I remember when I was dating Wilde I had asked her to go out dancing with me.  We both love ballroom dancing.  I had purchased tickets to a high-end charity event months in advance.  Because I knew we would be eating and drinking as well as dancing, I didn't want to bother driving.  We decided to take a taxi.

I drove to her house and she made me a drink.  I called the taxi company while she finished getting ready.  (Women really do take longer than men do to get dressed but it was worth the wait.) She looked stunning.  She had on this beautiful long red gown.  She had put her very long hair up in ringlets and a bun.  I helped her put on her diamond necklace and she put on her earrings.  She went into her room and came out with a red purse and long red gloves.  She looked gorgeous (as she always does).

We heard the wind really picking up as the taxi drove us to the venue.

We get to the venue for the event and notice that it was really dark.  We walk into the foyer and didn't see a soul.  We walked around and eventually ran into the janitor who told us that the event is for next weekend not this weekend.

I was really embarrassed.  I phoned for a taxi to come pick us up.  The janitor said that we couldn't wait inside because he would get in trouble.  He said he had to lock the door and get back to cleaning.  We left. 

Wilde and I were so excited, neither one of us thought to check the weather report.  Rain was in the forecast and we didn't bring an umbrella.

Out of nowhere it started to rain.  At first it was a little bit and then it really started to pour.

I felt even worse because here I am trying to impress Wilde and I get the date of the event screwed up and now don't have an umbrella and we are both getting soaked.  (I figured that after I got her back home sopping wet that she would never date me again.)

She looked at me and said, "I didn't get this dressed up not to dance. Aren't you going to ask me to dance?"

I looked at her because the rain is really coming down and we're getting soaked.  Then I asked her to dance and we did.  No music, except for the thunder.  No twinkling lights or special mirrored ball in the ceiling, unless you count the lightning.

We danced in the rain.

It was wonderful.

The janitor must have felt sorry for us because he opened the door and came out with an umbrella and said that we could stand in the foyer until our taxi came.

We did.

The taxi eventually came and took us back to Wilde's house.

She said she hadn't had so much fun dancing before.

I told her that I would pay for her dress because I knew it was ruined from being rained on.  She said she wasn't worried about the dress.  She was happy that we went dancing.

She bought a new dress to wear to the charity event the following weekend.  She looked lovely.

About a week later, I came home to a very large package.  It was from Wilde.

I brought it in the house and opened it.

The note said, "I really enjoyed dancing with you. I look forward to dancing again, maybe next time in the snow."

The name of the print is The Singing Butler.

I hung the picture in my office and then later in my dining room.  Now it hangs in our den.
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Oh that is a beautiful story, dancing in the rain is wonderful.

Dancing in the rain is wonderful. The best thing is that many years later, I married that wonderful woman.

That is fantastic, it is the little pleasures in life and rain is so refreshing.

I learn something new about you two all the time. This was cool.

That is really sweet. I didn't know how you came about having that picture in the den. I knew of Wilde's other Vettriano print. The vertical one with the woman dancing in white. They are beautiful pictures and you guys really look good together when you dance. At your wedding you looked like a King and Queen.

Thank you.

That was a wonderful date. The look on your face when it started to rain was like a sad little puppy. I knew you were disappointed. I didn't care about the rain. I just wanted to dance with you. I'm glad we did.

I'm glad we did too.

Wow, that's a wonderfully romantic story, and also sexy/sensual! Thanks for sharing. You obviously have a wonderful wife! Sounds like something we would do, and I may have to look into that painting for us too! <br />
<br />
On a dare, the first time we met, we both ended up in a swimming pool together, in work attire after drinks. A few months later, I asked her to marry me - after she decided that in honor of our first date she wanted to jump in again at a rooftop hotel pool bar, after an evening at the symphony together! So my proposal and her acceptance occurred in the pool, with she in a floor-length beaded silk gown & satin heels! :)

Thank you. My wife is a wonderful woman. She is very understanding. I was thankful that this wasn't our first date but it was at the beginning of our relationship. It looks like you too have had a romantic wet time.