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Rain - Nector From Heaven

Rain is absolutely fascinating and awe- inspiring. When it rains it seems as if the Gods above are showering their blessings on us, the mere mortals.
It brings with it a new hope , a new life to the ground below. Sapplings sprout from their seeds , birds sing joyously, peacocks welcome it with their own mesmerising dance.Brings a feeling of happiness in our heart as we slowly leave the shelter of house and get soaked in the rain , laughing for the sheer joy of our freedom( freedom from the mundane worries, from routine doing something out of the box for a while with no care for the world)...
Even the sickness brought about by being drenched in the rain has a certain joy in it. Then again it might be because of missing a few days of school.
Come what may I'll be your fan, dear rain.................................
Forever and ever.................
booklover4ever booklover4ever 18-21, F Jun 30, 2012

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