The Rain

I dont know how to dance so I drove my girlfriend through a rainstorm.

In Florida where I used to live, there were huge tropical storms in the afternoon. I would grab my girlfriend and put her in my VW bus. We would drive through huge and deep rivers of rain water that would spray up 10 or more feet.

She loved it and some time after I realized these were times that helped us fall in love. The water would pour down as if the end of times had come. Hail and lightening would fall down on us and we would sneak excited looks at each other while we drove through puddles and rivers.

I would rev up the engine and send huge sheets of water in left and right directions. Meanwhile the end of the world looked like it was coming. Dark skies shut out the sun and incredible winds snapped the trees.

Even without these natural tropical storms I would have fallen in love. I was 18 and that was the time to fall in love. The storms were the dessert on our love.
ExNihiloNihilFit ExNihiloNihilFit
41-45, M
Jan 23, 2013