One Of My Fav Memories

one day, last year i was at school and it was pouring outside. so me and my friend decided to go for a walk......we snuck outside before anyone could notice and started dancing in the rain (but the rain lighted up a little by then so it was safe to be outside and it wasn't thundering or lightning). since it was the end of the period and people had to change classes the teachers started guarding the doors so no one could go outside to get to there classes (portables, outside classrooms)but we were already outside so after a few minutes we decided to go back in but then we realized that the doors we being blocked. so we were stuck out there! then we started like freaking out that we were alone outside in the rain because we knew we would get in a lot of trouble for being outside. so then the bell rang and people were dismissed to there classes. which only meant one thing, we were late for class. so then my friends like thats it we're goin to break this door open! so we pulled with like every freakin muscle in our bodies until we finally got it open. when we opened it, it was so crowded by screaming kids(the kids that had a class outside for that period, so they didn't have a class to go to)! then we got into our class together and we had the meanest teacher in the whole school that period (out of all the times in the world). so we come in even though the bell rang like 5 minutes ago. so our teachers like "why are you late to my class?!" "because we were stuck outside and no one would let us in!"my friend said "that is such a lame excuse!" she said (and we were dripping wet! we looked like we just went swimming in our jeans and sweatshirts!)

there is more to the story but then i would start to get off topic about the rain. but if you want to hear the rest just send me a message and i'll tell you.

foreverandalways13 foreverandalways13
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Feb 20, 2010