It's Valentines Night, I Have No Boyfriend, Could Be Worse!

My flatmate is out on a second date tonight with a gentleman she doesn't really care for.  My thoughts are more for him than her because he is such a nice guy and he really makes her laugh, and all she can think about is cutting the cord.  Anyway, my date tonight is a nice bottle of Valpolicella and my headphones (not really the headphones, its the music..., don't tell the headphones!).  I am so thankful to my friend who told me about Playlist because now I have my own personalised dance track!  It goes back years, let me tell you!  Kodachrome just came on and that's when I got the bug to log on here to say how fun I am actually having!!!!  If you are here on EP, and not on a date, then you probably should have your headphones on too.  Dance the night away!

Signing off now, have to move on to my next date..., am in a bit of a mood for Duran  Duran Relax!  Happy Valentine's Day!

prairiezephyr prairiezephyr
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5 Responses Feb 14, 2009

Thank you all for your comments. It was a good night! Cheers! :)

My val was like that too, fun to me. Take care

I love Duran Duran ! i have a bottle of red wine here, cheers! happy valentine's day! hugs*

Thanks Four, I'm off now to dance land! Love you! Happy Valentines Day!

happy valentines day to you too!