i liked this guy austin for a long time, and my friends, including austin were together taking pictures before homecoming. during a group picture, while i was standing next to him, i felt his hand go slowly down my back and pinch my butt. i didn't think it was anything, and we left. during homecoming, it was really dark, the music was really loud and everybody was really close. about halfway through the night, i felt two sets of fingertips on my hips and gently pull me back into him. i looked at the shirt and i knew it was austin. i start grinding him, going both in circles and figure eights. he seemed to be enjoying it, so i bent over and kept dancing. this made him super hard really quickly. his hands ran up and down my legs and stomach. then he turned me around. i put one leg over his and the other between his, wrapped my arms around his neck and kept dancing. his hands wandered all over my back. after the song ended, he stopped, tilted my chin up and kissed me. best. night. ever.
xxsmileformexx xxsmileformexx
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012