so it was the fourth of July, and I went to a concert with my friend, and my mom took us cause she loved the band but we left our seats and went up in the grassy area and just chilled and smoked, and behind us I heard a whistle, and this gorgeous guy asked for a cig, I thought he was just gonna be like “thanks” and leave but he sat down and introduced himself to us and we found out he was a senior in college (6 year difference from me) he stayed with us for a good amount of time and we were just talking, my friend just watched the concert but I went with the guy for a smoke, we were sitting down close together our knees touching, and as he was about to light my cig for me he put the lighter out and took the cig out of my mouth and kissed me. I was stunned, he was amazing his mouth was so warm he bit my lip and sucked on it, we were making out for almost the whole song and we layed down and got more comfortable with each other, our legs intertwined he had his hand on my thigh and he slowly moved his hand through my shorts, and being out in the open I was just about to say something and as he was kissing my neck he whispered, “shhh, just let this happen” it was exhilarating he was fingering me right in the open it was sexy how dangerous it was. we wanted to get closer so we left to go get drinks a bit before intermission. he held my hand and we walked to the food stands where he bought us sodas, we stood by a table with no chairs and he just held me and kissed me. We were standing on the stairs on the way back to the concert watching the fire works waiting for a chance to sneak away somewhere private, he was rubbing me in all the right places not even in a dirty way, I was on the step above him and he kissed my neck and ears and whispered in my ears how great tonight was and how nice the fire works were, I turned and kissed him while he was still holding me and he sucked on my lip it drove me crazy, we snuck away past the bouncers to a patch of grass against the building wall I slipped running on the grass and he picked me up in his arms and ran with me to find a spot. We were just kissing and laying up against the wall and watching the fire works, he pulled me closer and I got more brave, he was fingering me and it felt so good I was moaning I came so many times, I felt like I should return the favor, I undid his pants and pulled out his **** it was already really hard I was stroking it slowly at the same pace we were kissing and I just went for it and put it all in my mouth the moan he made made me even more wet. I took it out slowly and licked every bit of the head and twisted my mouth getting every inch of it and getting every bit of his shaft it was rock hard I deep throated and took it like a champ his moans made me so happy I was enjoying it so much the force his hands through my hair and his deep voice when he would just say “Ohgod that’s amazing” I wouldn’t stop and he said he was going to come, I made a bit of suction with my mouth and took the whole thing with force swallowing his whole load and licking up every last bit of it. His moans of satisfaction drove me crazy. I helped him button up and he kept fingering me feeling how wet his pleasure had made me, we were slightly visible out in public what we did was so dangerous it was great. We kissed and he held me up against the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist, holding my *** in one hand and using the other to finger me and dry hump he played with my hair and lightly kissed all of me, and whispered in my ear how much he loved it. He carried me back to the concert and we just calmly walked by the bouncer, we held hands and watched the fire work finale whilst still listening to the band he sang a long quietly in my ear and we cuddled on the grass the rest of the night, easy to say best fourth of July ever.

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that is so hot.

very nice. Add me, please

Suck hard n swallow. A guy deserves that.