My Ex Wife Calls Me A Male Version Of Daria.........

she said I was Daria without the dress. I saw every episode. For me it was the only reason to watch television. I discovered it when I was actually away from the tv set. I was in the other room and I heard someone quoting from Allen Ginsberg's book "Howl" and couldn't believe it was coming from that stupid box... I was instantly hooked. Daria WAS me in high school. Totally. And shades of her still remain with me into middle age. My sister is almost a clone of Quin and my father is very similar to Jake. Art imitates life.

I've been called an "archetypical deconstructionist" just like Daria's character is portrayed and the similarities between her and I are uncanny. She is my kindred spirit in cartoon form. Posture, attitude, everything.
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I used to watch Daria back in the day, now I have a better idea about you.

Seems the only difference between myself and Daria is that I don't wear a dress.

hmmmm ....saw an episode on you tube. well, I expected something a bit more entertaining and clever, but it could just be that specific episode that was annoying. perhaps the kindleothers were better.

It's obvious that you don't understand Daria, which means you don't understand me either. Good luck with your archangels. I hope they serve you better.

I am googling . usual I have not a clue about this stuff. so..I will Google, and get back to you.