Daria Was So Flippin Relatable.

Daria embodies everything I felt in life when I was a teenager.  I was smarter than the average bear and hated all the preppy popular people.  I love how she dealt with life in such an apathetic way.  However what annoys me so much is how people who didn't watch it when it was on now cling to it as if it is something that is theirs but they're just grabbin the leftovers and it's not the same.

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3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

True! If you are a smartie (I am too) life can be difficult for you with relationships, socializing, etc. sometimes, and Daria was great to watch because she went through all that. I have always been really dark, independent, smart, and not like the "in-crowd", and watching a show like Daria just reminds you that it's actually better not to be like the generic popular kids all the time.

I am 15 right and I have watched Daria since I can remember and I love it. <br />
<br />
It really shows basically what my life is like.

Haha! I was also a teenager when Daria was around and I liked how the main character wasn't the super-popular, blond and outgoing cheerleader.<br />
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I get annoyed too and feel like Daria belongs to our generation and we shouldn't have to share. Especially when they young'ens nowadays call it 'retro' or something trendy.