My Daring Husband

my house is in the busy street and it was summer my husband opened all the windows of our bedroom which is on first floor. There is a tea shop on opposite road and he opens his tea shop after 3am and on weekends we sleep late so our love making sessions starts at that time only. My husband **** me so hard and make me so horny by his dirty talks that i just want to sit on his **** and *** hard. so he made me sit as all lights were off but the street light is coming on me from window and one can easily see my **** jumping from tea shop. I was not aware of it initially as my eyes were closed and i was busy rubbing my ***** with
his ****. As he was talking dirty and he asked me how many off them are looking me from tea shop then i opened my eyes to see two guys were trying to figure out is it for real what they are looking. i suddenly get myself down on my hubby cheat to hide myself but he forced me to sit and finish my ****. I did not wanted to do that but he forced me and told me to close my eyes and do what i was doing, and the idea of someone seeing me made me more horny and closed my eyes sit tight of his **** and ****** him hard and we both *** so hard........
After that session we started ******* on weekends at the same time and now my husband said after 3am there are more people coming to drink tea in that shop.
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Love to watch while drinking tea!

I like it

sooo hot!!!

That is one lucky man & If I Was how I wouldn't share you with anyone, iam thinking that the last business trip he had sex with another women & now he's feeling guilty ,Becaz when wife told me Then same thing & I told her that I loved her & didn't want to she ended the marrage

I am loving your stories ... I must say you are horny wild and dirty couple..

they all seem to like some extra entertainment

once you get used to it, showing off is incredibly exciting, isn't it? welcome to the club!


Did u ever tried flashing

yeah we did

The rush.....of the blood.... the beat of the heart gives more kick than grass.....

yeah it does but its good

I wonder how much that midnight tea would have coated ....... lot of profit to tea vendor........ add me plz coz I don't know the tea stall...

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wowww sex is about exploring new ways of ******* and getting the maximum out of the act

I am dropping by to have tea at 3:00 am. and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Room With a View. Do hope you will give me an add.

sure will give lol

what is the address? LOL....

How hot and intense ! its a turn on to be seen have passionate sex, and as you know it made it a much more intense **** , judging by how much and how hard you both came! cheers ! keep up the good work !

where from u guys?


ah ...i wish u were in pakistan...any way u guys are awsome... can i see pics lolz

that is a great story, my **** needs some relief after reading

wow ! you are doing a great social service for others.

I am applying for a job at the Tea Shop.... Address pls :)
Good experience. Like it. Thanks for sharing.

Very hot; very exciting! Please add.

Sameer badi mast story hai ......kasam sr kai baar padi hai

where is the tea shop? would love to see a sexy couple ******* from there!!!!!!

relly hot experience

ask him could i stand in for him & he could go across the st. & watch us with the rest of the peoples :)

Aahhhhhh .....mine is fully erected .......

Great job humera

sound like fun would love to be your friend

what a ******* IDEA!

wooowww.....gr8 real time exp u both r enjoying......Humera loooks like more horny

A cup of tea and free entertainment - now that is a good combination.

I could just go for a cup of tea right now!

mmmm I can just picture that!

You're so kinky! I know exactly how u feel, and I like it!