So I Hear Its An Aphrodisiac Too

That's cool.

Maybe that's why Sam used to always bring it round when he came to visit me.  Nice boy. I miss that boy.

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20 Responses Sep 6, 2008

This sounds like an excellent business opportunity. My favorite shape is a pyramid. PM me immediately, chocolate-man.

Right.<br />
<br />
Opportunity of a lifetime!! The first unprocessed (cold-pressed) dark belgium chocolate!! High in's changing people's & wealth! Only 145,00 in the entire company!! 1 billion people eat chocolate everyday....I average $10,000 a month income...I've only been in since Feb. 2009!! GET IN NOW!! It's a's tastes awesome!! Contact me today before it's millions!!! here...

It's cause I'm actually female youFI, aye.<br><br />
<br><br />
You could leave some of the diamonds for the hobos?<br><br />
Donate to my whitebread fund. So that I can strain my methylated spirits through the bread before I drink it.

But I've got that awesome hat! And a limo full of chocolate!!

Your whitebred world is not hip to my mechanic lifestyle, *****! Because... he was dressed like one in the video... in case anyone didnt know...<br />
<br />
I shouldn't know...

Being in with hobos is a BUM deal!! Come on people, I'm throwing away diamonds here!!!<br />
<br />
And I'm no uptown girl... Pick em up, would ya???

haha I actually made that Billy Joel joke today. Mary, one of the older lady cashiers was putting out a cigarette carefully on the pavement and it's hot and drought-y and she said she didn't want to start a fire so I told her Billy Joel would be pissed. She thought it was funny but I think in some small way she hates me more than ever.

Being in with the hobos is a bum deal. Unless you like chocolate. That got picked out of a dumpster.

It's cause I'm such a Billy Joel fan. And I'm in with the hobos.

So that solves the mystery of how homeless people manage to get obese... you're putting out fires all over the place.

Little known fact: All those hobos you see in lumpy trenchcoats? Filled with chocolate.


I'm trying to remember Forrest Gump and his mother, but I'm just getting scenes from The Waterboy. <br />
<br />
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. That's why you need to carry all sorts around with you, to maximize your chances of a shake and bake.<br />
<br />

My, my, my. She sure did care about his schoolin'.

Forrest Gump knew his stuff. Or rather, Forrest Gump's mother knew her stuff. The dirty minx.

Well, damn. Must've been a fluke. I guess the best bet is to have a trenchcoat full of all sorts of chocolate when you go out on the town.<br />
<br />
<br />
This probably works best in winter.

Yeah, never... Except for that one time.

Yeah, white chocolate never got anybody groped.

much better than the white chocolate.