I love all kinds of art including the dark gothic genre .  I  love this pic, I was told its called Beauty.

Is she a dream or a ghost , a nightmare or a fantsty

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hmm true experienced .. there is a sadness to her look


thank you morgan , I really love it too ...and I agree with you art like this always amazing ..thanks fro the comment =-)

Wow, absolutely love that picture! Art like this is amazing!

*grins looking at kitti* girls kinda like me :D *slaps her on her....* i think they do... *smiles mischievously*

ohh yes Sylph well the meaning of life is all yours you can even share ...but the apple pie recipe thats top secret !*giggles*<br />
<br />
ahh Scribs did u want to meet her darling ....Im sure I can introduce her to you yes?.......hmm I dont know how we can coax her out of the pic though ..hmmm *kitti squints at pic*

*nods and looks at the picture again* yep she does look like a ghost sweetie...*whispers* think she'll like me?.. apple pies! .....I don't bake though...lousy at it...I will just conjure it with my wand...using your secret recipe...aaahhhh.......... thanks for showing me, Kitti.... but the meaning of life... hmm... *Sylph continues reading the notepad*

Yes I think she is a ghost ...don tu think so hmm ...*examines pic with scribbles tilting head ..looking closely at pic*

It's a beautiful Pic sweetie...i love her ex<x>pressions and what do you think though?do you think she's a ghost?..

ahh *shows Sylph small notepad*... in here darling I have the meaning of life ....... I show no one but for my sweetest Sylph , I will show you anything you would like ....*hands Sylph notepad * oh and after the meaning of life is the best apple pie recipe you ever had ......... ;-)

Oh thanks, Kitti! ...........What else have you got in that notepad??? Sylph wants to know...<br />
<br />
*Sylph is peeping in Kitti's notepad*

ohh MM *grabs MM and pulls him back to pic*...not everyone gets excited ...but you like it no?..thats enough darling =-)<br />
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yayayay Sylph..ohh lives in the mind that line...*grabs notepad and notes it down , bounces between sylph and ever*

Oooohhhh, Kitti... this is just impressive!!! I love it!!!<br />
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I'd say she's all four - dream, ghost, nightmare, and fantasy. She lives in the mind! Ooohhh, love that!<br />
<br />
But hey... I love art galleries, too........ H-e-l-l-o!!! Remember my sapio-man, hmm??? ........Wait for me... *Sylph bounces with giggles to Kitti and Ever*

Why art doesnt excite me or impress me atleast??...*Walks back sad*

*giggles* ..Isn't she beautiful ?! *sighs*.. yes I just love this genre ...ahhh lets see some art girl!!*grabs evernight and goes art gallery hopping* =-)