Met Jonathan Frid At Dark Shadows Studio

I was one of the thousand school age children who ran home to watch the afternoon series. I was in seventh grade and in love with Barnabas. My older brother found where the show was filmed and took me and two friends there. We were allowed to go inside the lobby and watched them film that days show on a closed circuit TV. After a while some of the actors came through the lobby. Jonathan Frid came down and waited while we took some pictures. We were so star struck we just stood there and stared at him in his 18th century costume. The fans outside were banging on the door and eventually let in where they swarmed JF for his autograph. my only regret was not asking for one because I was so frozen by the shock of being face to face with Banabas Collins!

I bought the complete DVD series and totally enjoyed watching the series from beginning to end some 40 years later. It was just as fun now as it was back then.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Totally awesome to have met him! And I thought I was cool for having met Sir Graves Ghastly!