Once You Go Black...

When I was a very young boy, my parents were involved in the civil rights movement.  Because of this, most of the white kids were not allowed to play with me, so I played with the black kids.  My first little girlfriends were black, one little girl in particular was very pretty and very dark.  Over the years, I did date some white girls, but I always seemed to gravitate back to my beautiful black girls.  It's more than a physical attraction, I have found most black women to be more loyal, less whiny, more practical and easier to get along with.  A black girl will work along side of you, as long as you're working too and will make a better partner than  most white girls because white girls want  a man to take care of them, but a black girl is willing to make it a 50/50 effort.  My three children are mixed and I'm married to a beautiful dark black woman.  I'm saddened and angered that many people (including some black folks who should know better) consider dark skin to be undesirable.  I think that  attitudes are starting to change finally, and that  the obvious beauty of black women is starting to be recognized more and more .  The sexy curves, full lips, sensual smooth dark skin and high cheekbones of black women are very alluring to this white boy.
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6 Responses Sep 18, 2011

The real kryptonite of white men everywhere.

Aww what a nice story.I want a white husband but not sure where I can get one.

They are gorgeous!

i see that also , i agree black women have alot of beautiful features ,smooth skin, high cheekbones ,curvy shaply bodies ,clear complections ,uniquely beautiful faces and cheerful attitudes and humility, i love a black woman ,but shes not interested in me , i don't think so anyway.

It is so refreshing to meet likeminded people! I am a black woman married to a white man. We both do it 50/50 which is how it should be. Im pregnant now with our 1st child which I just found out this week that its a boy! I wish you & your beautiful wife all the best in the world! :)

Congratulations to you and your husband. Good luck with all the child rearing trials and tribulations.

Thank you, sweetie. :)

We are sexy, aren't we? lol