Earth's Beauty Mark

There is nothing on this planet like the beauty of a dark woman. She is Earth's beauty mark. How can I or anyone not love that? I feel that we have neglected this woman's pure beauty because we have been conditioned to accept another cultures image of beauty as our own. Yet, I stand here with the truth in my eyes and its looking at the most beautiful creation on Earth.
KitongaAlexander KitongaAlexander
31-35, M
2 Responses May 12, 2012

That's your truth, anyway. My mileage may vary.

What do you mean by this?

Thanks for being bold enough to tell the truth. Dark skin is absolutely gorgeous and you never get enough of looking at it. The reason there are many blogs stating that dark skinned women hate their skin is a form of brain washing, reverse psychology, in other words there are people out there who truly wants you to hate your skin color simply because they are jealous of it and they hate being pale. Yes, we are punished for having color because we remind them everyday of how pale they are. Its not that we do it intentionally, it is not our fault that God gave us this beautiful dark skin. And, all the blogs that talk about blacks bleaching their skin, wonder why they didn't mention all the whites tanning, and some even admit, it is hell being white. Hear me loud and clear, I absolutely love my dark skin and thank God for making me like this. You can take all I have away, but leave me with my dark skin, I LOVE IT.