My Dark Skin

My story is similar to one other girl's. Throughout my childhood, I was teased by my fellow classmates who were ALL black because I happened to have the darkest skin tone in the entire class (We were all Africans). God knows how many dates i missed out on simply because no boy wanted to be seen with "the blackest chic" in the school. All my best friends were very light-skinned. Am talking Rihanna-type skin tone and there I was close to Alec Wek-type of skin tone. At first it really bothered me how my fellow black classmates were teasing me, but after so many months and weeks of taunting and torture I just grew a shell and gained an I-don't-care attitude towards them. I told myself there was no way I was going to let them try to make me depressed or have low self esteem. Instead of getting angry at them, I redirected all my energy to school activities and doing stuff/hobbies with people that mattered. i joined the school swim team, I did sports and by the time i graduated guess whose name was on everyone's lips as the school's all time best female swimmer and athlete?.... HA! So much for their negativity, aye.
I remember one night, going out with my friends to this restaurant in America and this one dude walks by me, looks at me, stops and says to me, "Damn, you black!" Weird thing was, this dude was a black too. I mean, how can a fellow black person say such mean things to me just because i happen to have a darker skin tone?....At the end of the day, am still a human being just like you for chrissakes, I don't get it.
Well, they say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? I've withstood all the negativity i received growing up and there's no way am going to back down now and give in to some immature and inconsiderate people who makes nasty remarks about my dark skin tone. Am proud to be a very Dark skin black woman, I love my skin tone and I thank God everyday for the beautiful skin He gave me. I also appreciate the few (or many) people who appreciate our dark tones. God bless you all
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sorry but i am a white guy:( but i like dark skin:)

I'm glad to read that you feel good about yourself and don't let other people bring you down. I hope you find someone that appreciates your beauty and you have much happiness

I'm a Latino/Italian man who has been married to a dark-skinned Jamaican woman for more than 15 years. It seems to me you've conquered the main issue: to be comfortable with who you are. Others can be ignorant idiots if they like, and that's their problem--not yours.

Last summer my nephew and niece came to stay with us. Like most of my wife's family, they are both dark skinned, but my nephew (age 12 at the time) is about the tone you describe yourself, and he told me how other students in school teased him about it. To boost his self-esteem, I told him this story:

I too was teased because I was fat when I was a child, so I understood a little about how he felt. They called me "Blubbo". In later years I found everyone wanted me to fit into some kind of category: I spoke too proper English (no Latin or Mexican accent), so they said I was trying to be "white", whatever that means. I read science and history books for recreation (which was also true when I was a child), and my friends never understood little of what I talked to them about. Much of what is on television insults my intelligence, so I have no patience for it. These things separate me from the general population. It took many years, but I came to the realization that I can only be one thing: me. When detractors would say "why aren't you one of us?" I always responded with "I'm not one of you--I'm one of ME."

I told my nephew that he should be proud of who he is and what he looks like. He is descended from a great people, one who survived the horrors of slavery. His ancestors had to be far smarter than those who held them in bondage. Compared to that, the comments of fools today are insignificant.

That's what you are too: what you have always been, and always will be. The detractors are just ignorant, insecure, and selfish. See yourself as beautiful when you look in the mirror, because you are!

Beautiful response!.......Your nephew is beautiful just the way he is and I pray he realizes that and comes to appreciate himself the way he is.

Oh my goodness. :-/ They shouldn't do this. It's not wrong being black anyway. It's totally mean they do that. Yes, I do appreciate black people's colour!!!!!!! ^^ It's all good as long as they're nice! ;-) Don't bother about the idiots who tease you, they are just so superficial. I'm glad you were so damn strong to overcome this & not fall into depression like how girls do when they're called ugly LOL. Awesome, stay strong!!!!!!!! ;D

Thanx Bravehearts

No problem! I am indeed glad you're strong! ;-)

It's that eurocentric slave mentality.

so sad..

I'd love to connect with you

That's sickening that other black people do this to one another


I agree with you! I had the honor of working with a lady for 3 short months that was very dark skinned. We were both hundreds of miles from and we both were happily married. We were selected to be working partners during this period and we worked 12 hours each night, 7 days a week. We both realized after a short period of time that there was a chemistry between us. Being married we were both smart enough not to act upon our urges but I will never forget this woman as long as I live. I hope she has a long and happy life! I have always had the desire to be with a black woman but being married that will never happen but I can still dream. I enjoy your stories and thank for your friendship.

You're welcome. Thanks for sharing

LOL, good story! Good for you for being awesome and accomplishing all that in school! Says a lot about your personality. People are stupid, what can you say!? Hugs

Thanx Soul. :)
Hugs back.