Trying To Love My Dark Skin..

not really sure if this is the right group for this story but it seemed the most fitting when I searched the site...

I've been picked on about my skin tone since I was about 11/12 (by other black people of course). I had it at school as well as from strangers when I'm just walking down the street.

I don't know why I care what ignorant prats haves to say but it really upsets me, I personally have no problem with my colour, I like it and I love it on others.. however the way I'm treated by other people for being this colour often makes me wish I was a few shades lighter...

Little things like my mother telling me I'm too dark to wear black as I'll "blend in" or friends saying thing like "you'd get so many guys if you were light-skinned" haven't helped much either.

My low self-esteem is due to the bullying and niggling and I can't help but think if I was a little lighter I'd be a much happier and confident person. It's such a sad way to think but I can't help it.

If there's one thing helping to reverse my negative thoughts then it's the high fashion industry. More and more I am seeing very dark skinned beautiful girls being celebrated in high fashion magazines and it's slowly helping me realise that my skin tone does have it's audiences and admirers. It appears it's mainly the more commercial "black community" that can't accept dark skin.

I have to keep reminding myself that all of the above are my own issues within my head and I just hope that I one day meet someone who loves my skin the way it is and I will make every effort to be sure my children grow up loving themselves and the skin they're in, whatever skin tone they are born with.
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8 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Love you! And try not to depend on others to feel beautiful...

Dark skin is beautiful skin, no matter the shade. Don't let the ignorance of others bring you down. For everyone that has had a problem with your shade of color, there are hundreds more that have appreciated it from afar.

You can't change the view of the world but you can change the view you have of yourself. If you don't have the true confidence right now- fake it at first. Once you see and feel the effects of exuding confidence it will naturally come for real. Another thing you have to remember is ALL women are insecure about something about themselves. My best friend is lighter than most white people. And though all the guys say they love it and she's called beautiful because of her skin everyday she is still insecure about it and tries to tan (which I strongly advise her against) there will always be people who dislike how you look. Make sure you aren't one of them and you'll be fine :) and I'm sure you're beautiful

Yes, Women with dark complexions do have many admirers and fans as you yourself have noticed. There are many negative hateful people in this world that will try to bring you down.You just need to find the right people.

Its different but attractive. a black with a great personality really stands out. I love black women.

Gaming geeks everywhere have a fetish for the very dark skinned Drow. Maybe you're just hanging with the wrong crowd.

Don't listen to those idiots and stay happy with your own colour. I'm sure you look stunning. And I'm sure you don't, but if you do, please don't use skin lightening creams, they are horrible. So many black women here use them. I wish my wife would stop using them, they spoil the skin and change it from a nice smooth black to a nasty rough and patchy appearance.

Milk chocolate might have higher sales, but dark chocolate is considered to be better for a refined pallet. My wife has the opposite problem, she's white as a ghost, so her mom told her she looked "washed out" when she wore white. Don't listen to the haters. Dark black skin is exotic and sexy! I would love to photograph a woman of your skin color next to my wife. The contrast would be spectacular!