The Dark Aesthetics

The lack of respect for the beauty of dark skin shows that the slave mind set still exist in our society. What's really sickening is that that thinking exist among people of color as well.  People of color discussing the merits of "good hair" and skin tone are just as lost as any ignorant person.  To try to reduce beauty to skin of ethnic type is ridiculous.  Beauty by it's very nature is subjective.  In my mind, a kind heart adds to beauty just as much as a nastiness detracts.  I can appreciate true beauty no matter the skin it's wrapped in. But the skin game is all about dehumanizing a person, or people.  It makes it OK to treat them poorly.  But the good thing is that we are better than that, and it's time to move on.
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I love dark skinned women and actually am looking for one now. It's crazy because I don't seem to run into any truly dark skinned women. I love the way the light glistens off of their skin...not really attracted to fair skin at all.

You're right. As a dark skinned girl, one guy (later became my boyfriend) actually told me at a party that he had seen me before but didn't look at me because he immediately assumed any girl with dark skin wasn't attractive. It immediately confirmed how dark skin really is not appreciated in this society. I think once you understand where it stems from, it's much easier to deal with. I used to be quite insecure about my dark skin but as I realized about Eurocentric ideals and the historical context it bothered me much less.

People should get rid of all preconceived notions of beauty. It's just too subjective. And every choice should be respected.

I agree.

By the way, I am a white man who really adores black women...

well said, thank you...