Black Beauty

I don't know why darker-skinned black women are more or less ignored in today's American society. I love the look of a dark woman. The boldness and intensity of the color is so beautiful, and most of the time, there is a certain "velvety" quality to the look of their complexions. Very pretty, in my opinion.

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I am a white man that finds very dark skinned black women with natural hair attractive.I also like them to have pubic hair as well!

This hispanic has always loved this beauty.

Me too

I was raised in a family that treated darker skinned relatives bad. I have cousins that refused to raise their own children because they had dark skin.

Well that's just bad parenting and shallow.

Wow. As a dark skinned person I feel society says closer to white the prettier its just the way the world has evolved. But I think that beauty should be defined by personalities and actual features. But hey teach those dark skinned cousins of yours that beauty is defined by each person differently and that they are beautiful to those you know what true beauty looks like. AND THOSE PARENTS are really shallow and stupid, but blame the media and society for making them that way.

Don't saiy someday do it now. You have to love yourself first.

So true. I love my dark skin and my sisters dark skin. It is so lovely but it took a while for me to truly appreciate it.

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African beauty is omnipresent, It's Everywhere! Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendez, Sofia Vergara, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and other women look the way they look because of blackwomen. Let's be real about this issue, a lot of blackwomen were raped during slavery and colonialism by whitemen from countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, England, Saudi Arabia, and so forth. Any discussion on race and beauty in today's world has to include the racial context of what has taken place over the past 500+ years, and blackwomen are front and center on this issue. No honest person can deny the fact that blackwomen are beautiful women. Why are we told the opposite of what is true? If a large percentage of women on this planet owe their beauty to blackwomen, how can women of african descent be viewed as less than other women? Truth be told, the marginalization of black female beauty by others is more about influencing the thinking of blackmen. Turn blackmen against their own women, Who Benefits? What person or group wants blackmen to hate their reflection? The obvious answer to that question, is, women who are not black. Let's call a spade a spade. Other women love chocolate just as much as blackwomen do, but, the only way they can get what they want is for a certain percentage of black males to fall out of love with their black sisters. It makes no sense for them to lust after blackmen who love blackwomen, a waste of time. How do they achieve their goal? Women have a lot of clout in the media and entertainment industry, and they make use of it. Network-tv, cable-tv, internet, magazines, newspapers, hollywood, music, fashion-modeling, madison avenue(advertising), and so forth. Flood the market with images of women who aren't black, and target black males in professional sports, hollywood, hip-hop, etc. "Mental Conditioning" is what i call it. If black males are constantly bombarded with images of other women, they develop an attraction to the women they see subconsciously. It's basic logic at work, spoonfeed people enuf of something, they become desensitized to it. Don't pay attention to what you see, instead, focus on what you don't see...that's how media operates on a global scale.<br />
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Blackeros, your assessment is spot on. My wife and I continually discuss the dilution of the Black man/woman in society, and if we are not careful, "real" black (meaning dark skinned) will be a thing of the past. Whenever we stress the important of Black on Black love (over interracial relationships), we're cast as old-fashioned or close-minded. But in fact, we're acutely aware of the fact that if Black people are not loving and pro-creating with other Black people, the skin we love will be gone.

Doesnt matter what sex or race, I just think dark skin is beautiful

I have felt so down about my complexion for the years I have been here but coming across such statements as this gives me happiness and shows me that dark is beautiful in many ways. I hope to believe in this someday.

you will because a lot of us think it is beautiful.

Me tooo ;)

I totally agree with you.

Hello Everyone<br />
I'm new here and I just wanted to say that...<br />
I truly admire the beauty of dark skin's very powerful, pure, soulful, extremely sexy and I love all of it! :)

I want see this movie

I think African Americans are among the most open-minded humans who exist.

aww this made me smile :')