Best Android Ever

I grew up watching Star Trek, primarily the Next Generation given that I was born in '80 I was 7 when it first started I believe.  I couldn't help but find this character just awesome, he's got the naivete and wonder of a child but could crush your skull with his bare hands.  Self-awareness but often lacks the wherewithal to use it effectively.  I always saw him as sort of the philosophical foil of the show, episodes like Measure of a Man and the one where he gets into a relationship never failed to give a unique perspective on the matter...and episodes of just fun Data stuff like Data's Day is just icing on the cake.

Great character, kickass show...
Charos Charos
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

YES! I completely agree, he's awesome! :D He shows the imperfections in humans... and he shows the weaknesses in the other people in the crew. Though, he lacks something significant himself ;)