Data ~yum~

He was the main reason I watched Star Trek. I still have the biggest crush on Brent Spiner. Plus, as much as it bums me out that he will no longer play the part in movies, ect., I totally respect the basis for his decision to quit role. He didn't wish to detract from the character, by playing a part that he is too old to be true to. He explains, that Data embodies a "childlike innocence", he can no longer credibly exhibit, as his appearance had already begun to lose that quality by the time he filmed his last Trek films. One of the exceedingly few actors that know when to say when. However, for me personally, if he slapped on his old uniform and make-up, I wouldn't kick him out of bed ^_^
Yellowfitzme Yellowfitzme
26-30, F
May 15, 2012