I Dream Of My Interracial Wedding

I have dated both white and black guys. And I realize that forever more I want my husband to have beautiful white skin. The contrast between colors is beautiful. But looks are not the only reason. Being from the suburbs all my life I grew up with white guys. Through they are still guys and have egos they don't have that "black man" ego that is a true turn off for me. I have no bad or scary horror stories dating black men. I am just strongly attracted to white men, how they act, work, and treat women.
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3 Responses Oct 28, 2013

Hey what is 'black guy ego'? I have never heard of this! I like white guys too! They are like masculine woman (if that makes since...)

Black ego is hard to explain. You can just tell the difference between white guys and black guys.

I have noticed those that can be considered a jock whether they are black, white, Latino whatever (really I have all this because I live in Queens) have these egos that other guys in other cliques don't have. Maybe it is different were you live?

Everyone's own resonance is their own and not everyone finds theirs. It's always nice to hear when someone knows what does it for them. For me I am not really into guys at all. I like all like a feminine individual because I resonate with feminine energy.

The contrast between the skin is beautiful, isn't it?

It's perfection. Nothing can match it