My Vip Concert Experience :)))

Alright so here goes, sorry if it gets a taaaaddd long :)

Sooo okay, we get to ARCO, stand outside for about 45 minutes with about 30 other VIPS.  And this lady kept opening the door and saying "who's here for David Archuleta??" and of course everyone went crazy.  Lol!  So FINALLY we started going in, luckily I was in the first of three groups that got let in, so we got our bags, our VIP passes, and went to...  another line, yayy!  So we waited inside for about half an hour while everyone else got situated.  We were talking to this guy and this girl behind us pretty much the whole time, they were pretty obsessed like me, so if was veeery entertaining.  And it was so scary!  So us the first group were waiting right, and they let one group line up ahead of us, so we were kinda ticked right?  An then they let the third group in front of us, so of course we were like fliiippin out inside, who wouldn't???  Soooo, we tried getting the lady standing there's attention, (we thought she was Kirstin, our host).  We would look at her, she looked at us and came a little closer, and this repeated about 5 times.  When we finally asked, like three times, "are you our host?!"  She FINALLY said no, lol!  So we asked her anyways, if we were going first or not...  And when she said yes, there was this huuuge sigh of relief!  It was soooooo hilarious!  So everyone was getting really antsy when Kirstin and her helper run out and start doing the wave!  Nice ice breaker right??  Lol!  So after some general rules, we started the long descent of the Arena steps...  We eventually got to one of the four entrances to under the arena, so cool!  It was pretty much all concrete, like a big garage, but with a few rooms!  (which I later discovered was David's dressing room, dangit!)  Hahaha, so when we got there it was a nice room, probably made for business meetings n stuff.  There were tables with ENORMOUS bowls of popcorn, chips, and ice crean with every topping!  And waters, sodas, lots of good stuff!  But I didn't even glance at that until about 5 minutes of being in the room, we all basically dove for a spot on the rug in front of the keyboard on which David would be serenading us on!  I got two people back from him, but I was literally, and I mean literally 3 feet from it :)))))))  It was funny, and kinda rude though, there were about 5 ladies that sat RIGHT in front, i mean their legs were literally under the keyboard!  They were at least 40, and this was most of their third or fourth VIP experience, so it was kinda annoying that they knew how to get to the front, and took full advantage over us first timers...  Eh, still amazing spot nontheless  We got a 15 minute warning, then a 10, then a 5, then about 10 minutes later, a 3!  Hahahahaha!  But it was soooooooo grrr!  kirstin and the other workers kept psyching us out!  We'd start chanting David, David!  And a bald man would come through!...  And all these random people kept comin' through the door!  And the funniest part was when he was supposed to come and Kirstin looked through the door and apparently saw no David, so she starts looking around the room!  Omgsh I was like dyinggg!  An then she looks out the door again, like 5 minutes later, and Goes "David is riiight behing this wall!"  So of course we all went CRAZY chanting David!  And then...  the man himself walks through the door, the light of my life, my angel on earth, Mr. David james Archuleta.  He walks in and everyone is going insane!  It was awesome to see the huge smile on his face :)  I was so overwhelmed with awe and joy and oh my heck I don't even know what it was, but lets just say I was tearing up at the sight of my idol, right in front of my eyes, it was the weirdest feeling...  Okay... so he sits down and starts laughing and says "It's good to know why people are cheering for you.  I'll just be walking down the street sometimes and people walk up to me and just *claps hands* as i'm walking by.  It's really wierd, especially in Utah where I like, live".  It was adorable!  (btw, there were lots of things I am just not bothering to mention right now, funny little things n stuff, maybe i'll add later...)  Then he tells us he just was at part of Demi's live webcast, and he wanted to tweet about it.  So he whips out his cell phone and starts tweeting.  It was so cute though because he kept trying to make it sound right and was conferring with us as to whether it worked, which was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!  And he would be spelling the words and trying to type them and say them out loud, very slowly, lol!  Sooo then he asks us if it was alright to do Crazy and Heaven, and we agreed right away of course!  He played crazy first.  I was about to die, like literally.  He had his eyes closed for a lot of it, and he got so intense It was unbelievable.  The more into it he got the harder he pounded the piano keys, even making the keyboard wobble.  He also growls when he gets all intense, so presh!  Then he finished, and everyone went craaazy. (Ironic riiiht?? ;) )Then after much talking, he started Heaven.  So unbelievably beautiful, I was in love all over again.  And it diddn't help that we made eye contact several times throughout his serenade, I couldn't take my eyes off of that gorgeous boy :)  Then came the three people who got drawn to ask him a question, you know...  Thenthe third lady asked her question (which had to do with how he felt about the Michael Jackson ordeal).  And much to everyone's surprise, after David's long and adorable answer this lady asks him if he would sing a little of "I'll Be There".  And yes, he did!  Which is very cool, because he has not sang that to anybody before!  He spent a good two minutes getting the right key, but when he did he just belted it out, and it was the most amazing thing I have ever heard.  He did forget the words for a second, but we helped him out and he got right back on track.  He sang pretty much the whole song, and it was so, oh my heck amazing!  But after this extended private concert, we were running a liiiittle late, so then we got to the pictures!  Me and my sisters were the third party to take a picture with him, and I was terribly nervous!  But when it was our turn I tried to suck it up as best I could!  We said our hello's and how are you's, he replied sweetly, and we started to pose for the picture.  I was so distracted though by his arm around my back!  We took the picture, and Kirstin, our host, says "Wait!  I think you blinked!"  (to my sister)  So of course, we had to retake it!  But hey, a little more time with David's hand on my was fiiine by me :)  But then, I snapped...  Adorable little David starts tapping his two fingers on my back!!!!!!!  I was sooooooooo focused on them that I diddn't even bother paying attention to the picture!  (Which turned out terribly!  David looks amazing, I look ghastly...)  And as we were saying goodbye and thank you, I couldn't resist to shyly ask for a hug, to which David leaned back and said "Yeah, of course!"  So we hugged, and I mean a two handed squeeze people!  Hahahahaha So yeahhh, I was on cloud nine...  But then I had to go, he was running late...  Sooo i watched him take pics with everyone else for about 15 minutes, taking a couple illegal pictures here and there (hahaha).  And then he had to go :(  So sad!  But, my dream has been fulfilled for the time being :)  lol.  So and then!  The drawing time was here!!!  They had about 7 t-shirts David signed, a couple of posters, and that's all.  Of course I thought there was no chance in heck I would win anything, but I was for dang sure hoping!  So they drew about 4 things, none were mine...  another, still not me.  And then they pulled out the black and blue David shirt I had bought before we met him, at our private shopping time.  I jokingly say to my sister "Watch i'll win the shirt I just bought for 30 dollars".  And can anybody guess what happens next?  That's right, I won that black and blue shirt.  But, this one was signed by my man!  Hahahahaha I was ecstatic nonetheless!  So I was standing there admiring my shirt as they were to do the last couple of drawings, trying to be calm as everyone around me was clearly pretty jealous, (who wouldn't be??).  And they pull out another white black and red David shirt and start calling the winning number.  I glance at my tickets again, just for the heck of it, when I realize oh my heck, that's me again!!!  I was freakin out, but I had to send one of my sisters up to claim it for me, because really each person was given one ticket, but my two sisters gave me theirs just incase we won anything (we were clearly not expecting TWO wins!)  But being the nice sister she was, she of course let me, the ultimate David fan have the other shirt, yay!  I felt extremely bad for these two people we met earlier though, they didnt win anything and I got two things.  I mean I felt terrible, but I wasn't going to just hand it over, right?!  So then the last shirt was drawn, a purple one, and one of the two girls we were talking to next to us won it, cool right?!  But then she says to me "Hey, do you want to trade??"  And I was thinking okay, I already have the black and blue one!  So I did, yay for three different shirts!  I was soooooo lucky dude!  Lol okay soo by the time we got escorted back out the rest of the audience was already pretty much all in.  It was pretty awesome though because they all had to watch us walk out from under the staduim with our VIP passes, bags and whatnot, their eyes following us with jealousy :)  lol!  So we asked the usher to point us towards our seats, and we sat down and told my parents alllll about it, not realizing till after I was done that everyone around us was listening intently to my freak out!  Hahahahah it was funnyyyyyy.  Then after about 30 min KSM started.  And then David :)  (Maybe later i'll go in-depth about every song or something but that might take a while... )  Hahahahah  Let's just say every second was amazing beyond beleif!  (My youtube is vollbl77, check out my videosss!)  And then Demi Lovato of course.  Andddddd I still cant get his songs out of my head, 4 days later.  David withdrawls are not fun people, I am telling you...  Next summer, next summer...  (I hope :/) )  Well just ask if you want to know anything else, woohoooooooo!  Best, day, of, my, life!  (And a half :))) )  And that's my David Archuleta Summer Tour 2009 story, ciao! 

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Aug 7, 2009