I Love David Bowie

Well I just love nearly everything he has ever written. I love his face, his style, his voice.  He is unique.  My life would not have been as good if I hadn't had his music in my life.  He is a genius.  I hope he appreciates how lucky he is to be so talented - I am sure he does.  I would be afraid to meet him in case he was rude or offhand.  I wouldn't be all silly, I'm just frightened he'd shatter my idea of him.  His music reflects back to me who I am.  He has led a fantastic life and I am a bit jealous but that's how life is. Some people just have it all.
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4 Responses May 3, 2007

I know exactly how you feel.

I love him. He is a really amazing being. I love all of his songs! He has at least two for any possible emotion you can feel. 'Rebel Rebel', 'Sorrow', 'Heroes' and 'Absolute Beginners' have to be some of my absolute favourites, though. I would love to meet him. I understand your worry though, I wouldn't want to meet him and be one of the thousands he has to put up with weekly. <br />
So talented. So amazing. He's great. :)

My favourite song is moonage daydream, closely followed by london bye ta-ta, sweet thing, kooks, rock 'n' roll suicide and win.

Yes. He is a genius. My favorite song is "Rock and Roll Suicide", because I like the rocking chair melody. But, "Oh you pretty things" is ******* brilliant too. I wish more people were into his older stuff, it truly is unique.