Bowie was one of the first artists that I loved as a teenager.  I remember getting "Hunky Dory" on vinyl and playing it to death.  Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane were big favourites ... I particularly loved Suffragette City.  Later, both Heroes and Lodger were favourite albums too.  I was never really keen on his more recent material, but always thought he was a brave and original artist with something different to say.  

I liked the fact that he changed his persona from time to time ... I think it really showed his originality and desire to be different and creative.  I have never seen him perform live and don't have any particular desire to now ... I think he's best left to vintage archive footage these days, arguably a bit like the Rolling Stones might be. 

Undoubtedly a hugely influential artist without whom many of today's bands would not exist in the form they do.

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Love him, too...but my all-time favourite is his duet with Freddie Mercury...Under Pressure...oh yeah! ;)

Labyrinth is the ****

Yes, he was such a part of my youth squirrel.

I have read that he really hates the Let's Dance album, but I think it's a blast. He is certainly one my favorites.

Oh yes, I think Space Oddity is a brilliant track ... in fact could have included it in my top ten (separate story!). He's always brilliant and original. Saw a great documentary about him on Sky Arts recently. Loved the Berlin period and when he was involved with Iggy too.

i love Space Oddity, Lets Dance (even though i hate dancing LOL), Life on Mars i agree lots of the early stuff is great....the later stuff is more a pick and choose thing