Little Drummer Boy

David Fonseca is one of the best portuguese musicians who is winning recognition across abroad due to his powerful songs and wonderful capacities of musical realization. I've been following his career since long time ago, I've gone to many of his concerts and I can say for sure I totally idolize this guy, I dont know any artist with such imagination, so dreamlike and unusual.
You can check that by yourself by watching the videos I've submitted, all made by him.
"Superstars" is my favourite clip, with every special detail and place, David Fonseca take us into his beautiful wonderland of dreams, starting with the whistle, then the lamp, the magic and colorful papers, the posters of movies, the green dress, the library, the jumps in slow motion, the beach, the sunset... Everything as a meaning and a pleasure.
This song is from his latest album, Dreams In Colour, which was released at 8th October 2007, the successor of "Sing Me Something New" (2003).
I've also submitted the video Superstars - Live in Loop, which is the same song BUT David Fonseca at live playing several instruments like an "one-man-band". It's awesome, no doubt.
You can also watch to the video Rocket Man, which is a version of the pretty known Elton John's song.
You can listen to more on his myspace and watch to the videos on youtube or something, and also see how far can go his beautiful mind and imagination.

ironie ironie
18-21, F
Aug 27, 2008