How I Found Dcd

A long time ago, at least to me, I was in a record store (when they had records and actual CD case BOXES with the artwork) and I was looking through the metal section at random.  I saw the album "Within the real of a dying sun." and Liked the artwork as it reminded me of Joy Division a bit.  I grabbed it under my arm and asked the clerjk about it and he just said "It's not metal man, misplaced I guess, it's just weird people music."  So being me, and liking odd music I decided to go ahead and buy it.  I never regreted it and I have bought every DCD album ever sisnce.  From the get go that album is just a journey, it ranges from dark brooding beauty to passionate explosive chants.  The vocal style, especially of Brenden Perry really captivated me, he had a somber timbre to his voice and his ability to use his range was great.  Lisa Gerrard, who latter went on to make film music, impressed me with her range and various tonal ability (and still does) with Cantara.  Latter albums maintained the same power and even after all these years I still love to listen to these songs from all the albums (and thier one sole EP from 4AD) as they still have the effect now as they did then.  I love Dead Can Dance.  By the way, Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard's solo works are great too. 

Deadweezyl Deadweezyl
26-30, M
Feb 10, 2008