When I Die!

When i die I don't want to be rememered,
when I die my heart will stop beating.
Death doesn't scare me any more,
death is a friend knocking at my door.

I will invite him in to kill me there,
but don't worry it will be painless.
But don't cry for me,
your tears will be wasted.

I dont want you to worry,
about me and death.
were not mortil enemies,
but the best of friends.

If you know me,
personally or otherwise,
please be happy,
I felt no pain.

When I die my heart will stop beating,
when I die my blood will stop pulsing,
when I die I won't wake up,
and when I die I will have said my last word.
Lostgirlysoul Lostgirlysoul
26-30, F
May 13, 2012