Defining Her Is An Honour, Seeing her around was a Real Lift. I miss you My Friend

I consider myself luckiest to be her best friend.

What I like about her, I am using the present tense as she is with me,
She only left ep due to some Health issues. So what I like about her is that she always pray for
everyone and is a true soul, Who put others first then herself. She taught me how to forgive people and bear.

She was, she is a true soul.

Kind, helpful, caring, understanding, patient, loving, compassionate and Loyal with her family and people around her. People hurt Her Alot but she always bear or seldom get hurt but never complain and say'' ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh This shall pass''. I wonder why she always try to find the ways tobe a better person as she asks me jency what is a better way to live this life and tobe a better person. I used to avoid that question as I didnt see any fault in her I believed her perfect by looks and most important thing, her inner was pure.

I was upset to know she was leaving but i let her go as she promised to come back.

Just praying and asking you guys to pray for her wellness.

She need your prayers. Dont forget she prayed to all of you, pray for her for the sake of humanity.

God bless her. She gave me a new meaning to live this life.

Her dream was to make, ''People happy and this world Peaceful''.

I never wrote or felt this for anyone but her generosity her honesty compelled me to write.

She loves all of You

Her Best Friend
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3 Responses Nov 1, 2012

You writing about someone says a lot about the person. Good you have had the privilege to be with a great soul.Your love for her will cure her aliment.

If you could admit that you have been cruel,that means a lot without saying.You are genuine.Start loving no matter what.Love is an alchemy that changes baser metal into gold and you have experience that love.Grow in love but don't beg for love is my message.Love is my message

Good dear, see some of my stories and don't be shock.I am a rebel.I am here to create a new human.I am not here for anything other then to create a understanding in you.If you understand my work is finish.

Yea! She always lightens my darkest hours! She's really the most wonderful person I've ever met!!!^.^

Totally agree with you!^.^
She's the best friend ever!!!:)